I love food.

Seriously. Love it.

I also have a “wheat-addiction” that means I love my pastry products a lot.

also have a gluten-sensitivity, which means those wheaty pastry products don’t love me much in return.

I first went gluten-free three years ago and then fell off the wagon after about a year of various diet restrictions. I think my mistake was that I kept on mourning all the foods I was losing instead of thinking about all the new stuff I was gaining.

New foods!

New recipes!

New ingredients to play with!

I’ve been cooking since I first went to school and started making dinners for my family out of curiosity nearly 20 years ago. Still, I’m operating in a small kitchen with only the most basic kitchen equipment… so I’m absolutely planning on keeping my meals and recipes quick and easy.

With a few exceptions, of course. 😉




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